In litigation, stakes are high – and decision-making fraught with uncertainty


Advice and tactics are informed by litigators’ expertise and experience. But what if relevant data can add insight?

Solomonic is based on a simple premise. The right data, rigorously analysed, enhances the quality of decision-making. Aggregated over the lifetime of a case, that produces a powerful incremental advantage, allowing litigators to do a better job predicting outcomes – and improving them.


Ground cases in context

See the relevant statistics and ranges and analyse where your case falls on the spectrum, helping you to manage your client’s expectations of outcome.


Extract and apply insights

Pick out individual data points which bear upon the particular details of your case, and evaluate their impact on your prospects or tactics.


Pinpoint key examples

Easily locate and utilise examples of similar cases or see how relevant judges have previously dealt with particular fact-patterns or arguments.