Enyo Law

Enyo Law bolsters its advice for clients with Solomonic litigation analytics

Specialist disputes firm Enyo Law has selected Solomonic’s case analysis database to bring a further and more precise data dimension to its litigation practice.

The decision is further evidence that the UK Disputes sector is embracing the use and value of data and analytics to enhance litigation practice and decision-making.

Senior Partner, Simon Twigden said, “Litigation is inherently uncertain. Solomonic’s data and analysis mean we can bring a whole new layer of insight to our advice that can be of material benefit to our clients in determining if, when, and how to litigate.”

Gideon Cohen, Solomonic co-founder commented, “We are delighted that Enyo Law has chosen to work with us. They have a formidable reputation and we believe the addition of our data and analytics will have a material benefit for the expertise they provide and the outcomes they deliver for their clients.”


Enyo Law is a specialist disputes firm with an outstanding reputation for achieving success for its clients. Founded in 2010 with the objective of creating a leading conflict-free disputes practice, Enyo Law has built on the results achieved by its dynamic team to become one of the largest and most successful disputes firms in the City.